Is Pest Inspection Worth the Money?


When most people purchase a home, they will quite happily splash their cash on a home inspection. They will completely ignore the pest inspection. They believe that any home inspector is going to catch pests. They aren’t. They are not trained for this. While they may be able to spot structural damage that has already occurred due to past issues with pests, they won’t be able to spot any future issues that may occur. So, building and pest inspections adelaide worth the money? Well, right off the bat we can tell you that it is. But we want to share a few reasons as to why.

Pests are small and difficult to spot

A home inspector will be looking for major issues with the property. There may be a few smaller issues which fall on their radar, but for the most part they are going to be looking for large structural issues. Pests are going to be too small for them to spot. Not to mention the fact that most pests are not going to be out there in the open. So, a home inspector will never even get close to seeing them in the first place.

Damage from pests is difficult to spot

While pests are well-known for causing large scale structural damage when not kept in check, this is not something that will happen instantly. It can take months, sometimes years, for the damage to actually occur. A home inspector will not be looking for this type of damage e.g. small holes in woodwork, or smaller nests which have started to form. Only a pest inspector can do this.

A pest inspector is only looking for pests

When people ask ‘is pest inspection worth the money?’, the answer is yes. The only job of a pest inspector is to actually look for those tiny creatures. Nothing else. While a home inspector will have other issues on their mind which may distract them, a pest inspector won’t. They know what to look for, and they will do it well. If a home inspector does spot pest issues, it may appear in their report, but it will get lost in the mix and you won’t pay full attention to it. This will not be the case with a pest inspector. Any issues and their ramifications will be clearly listed.

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