Best Hot Water System Australia


Hot water systems include tankless, solar, gas, and electric hot water units. The hot water system you choose will depend on your budget and hot water requirements. Tankless systems are popular in the Sydney market as they are cheaper than electric systems and are usually quicker to heat hot water.

While there are numerous choices of the best hot water system in Australia, the ones that are the most sought after are a tankless water heater, an instantaneous water heater, and a solar water heater. However, there are other factors that we take into consideration before selecting the best hot water system.

The best hot water system has different designs and types. Based on size and shape, hot water systems can be divided into two categories; 

  • Tank-style: Tank-style hot water systems have a storage tank that stores hot water
  • Tankless: Tankless hot water systems generate hot water only on demand. A tankless hot water system can instantly deliver hot water, which means that hot water only needs to be heated once, making the hot water system more energy efficient.

A hot water system is a simple and affordable addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Installing one also means you’ll spend less time cleaning and heating water.

The best option for a hot water system in Australia is Duramax. Duramax has 4 significant advantages. 

1) Duramax has a massive range. 

2) Duramax is an ASX-listed company. 

3) Duramax has 24/7 customer service. 

4) Duramax has 10-year warranties.

It’s important to note that hot water heaters, whether tanked or tankless, are one of the best investments you can make. A hot water heater can provide both instant and endless hot water, eliminating the need to run a hot tap for 10-20 seconds. They can also help to reduce electricity consumption, as hot water only needs to be heated once, so less electricity is wasted on a continually running hot water heater.

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