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A bronze sculpture is a piece of metal, usually hammered or cast from bronze, that is used in art sculpture. In ancient Greece and Rome, plaster casts of Greek bronze statues were made by baking the metal with straw or cloth to give it a more-porous surface so that it could be worked with tools to achieve deep figures. Bronze was the earliest metal used for sculpture in the Western world. Sculpture is a major category of the larger category of three-dimensional art.

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History of Bronze Sculpture

It is a long time since the origins of bronze sculpture. It is estimated that around 3000 B.C. there were already bronze statues made in Greece and Egypt. The statues were made to represent gods and other important people. The statues were a symbol of the power and authority of the people who made them. However, later on, there were times in history where bronze sculpture at ARTpark Australia became very complicated. They began to be made out of mosaic, or small pieces stuck together, which is how they were made when Greece and Rome were the great empires.

In Australia, these bronze sculptures can be found at the Art Park in Sydney, and at the Sculpture Park at Rottnest Island. The parks were established by the Western Australian government to provide the populace with a place for relaxation and recreation, but also for viewing the many bronze statues that are exhibited there. By relaxing and looking at these works of art, people can learn about history and gain an appreciation of beauty.

In Australia, you can find a vast selection of bronze sculptures throughout the country. In Sydney, one example is the Art Park in front of Broadway. The piece that is located there is titled “Wiradjuri Woman” by Ray Crooke . The piece is over four meters tall and contains a mother and daughter that are both in traditional Wiradjuri dress.

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