Tip on how to install curtains

Tip on how to install curtains

Windows are a great way to add natural light, to let in the breeze, and to let your house’s beauty shine. However, sometimes window dressings can hide some of that natural beauty as a part of their job. Many asks the question, is it hard to install curtains? the following are some of the tips on how to install curtains.

Tip on how to install curtains

1. Choose your curtain rod and curtain

You need to think about your window’s dimensions when choosing your curtain rod. Buy curtains big enough for the whole rod. Also, it’s a good idea to choose a curtain length that is at least an inch short of the rod’s length or you may end up having to buy new curtains because they will fall off the rod. The curtains should be a good fit on the rod; otherwise, they might look wavy or stretched when you open them. This happens to me all the time, which is why I train my dogs not to pull anything down.

2. Measure the window

Measure the width of your window and the length of your curtains. Double check that you measured correctly. You need to measure carefully because you can make mistakes that are very hard to fix. If you get a measurement wrong, it means you will have to cut out new fabric and sew it back on or have an expensive tailor do this for an extra fee. Make sure all cuts are straight; otherwise your curtains will not hang correctly when they’re hung up (usually crooked).

3. Cut out your fabric for hanging two panels of curtains

Tip on how to install curtains

Most people prefer to hang two panels of curtains on their windows instead of one panel. I find this is a great idea as it maximizes light and space as it gives you more room to move around when closed. However, if you agree that two panels is better, find out how to measure two panels and make sure you have enough fabric for each.

4. Divide the fabric into two equal parts with the correct cutting lines on each panel

When dividing the fabric into two equal parts’s , make sure that both are cut correctly because cutting incorrectly will result in wavy or stretched curtains at the bottom of your window. Do not step back and look at your curtain when you’re cutting out one half. Just work on one side at a time because mistakes can happen while working with fabric. diyblinds.com.au have the solution to your curtains .

It’s very important to be creative or make a diy curtains after all it’s your curtains.

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