Solar Installation Rebates


State and local governments typically offer solar rebates as a way to encourage homeowners and businesses to switch to solar power. In some cases, utility companies may also offer solar rebates. If you’re looking to go solar, you may wonder if any solar rebates in WA are available. The short answer is that it depends on your location. 

What Do You Need To Consider When Getting Solar Installation Rebates?

There are many things to consider when getting solar installation rebates. The most important thing to consider is the size of the rebate. The size of the rebate will vary depending on the state you live in and the utility company you are using. Some states and utility companies offer a rebate for solar installations, while others do not. Solar installation rebates can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Another thing to consider when getting solar installation rebates is the type of rebate you are eligible for. There are two main types of solar rebates: the federal solar tax credit and the state solar tax credit. The federal solar tax credit is available for both residential and commercial solar installations, while the state solar tax credit is only available for residential installations.

Finally, you need to consider the timing of the rebate. Some solar rebates are available upfront, while others are available after the solar installation is complete. Upfront rebates can help offset the cost of the installation.


The solar industry is booming, and the installation of solar panels is becoming increasingly popular. There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest is the solar rebate. Many utilities and government organizations offer solar rebates to incentivize people to install solar panels. These rebates can save you a significant amount of money on the installation cost, making going solar a much more attractive option.

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