Music Festival Medical Staff Australia


When it comes to music and music festivals, health and safety are paramount. Festival organizers typically hire medical personnel to care for attendees who have become ill, injured, or just worn out from dancing non-stop.

Keeping music festival attendees safe during expansive, multi-day events is no small task. When planning for a big event like a concert or festival, you want to be sure that everyone is safe and having a good time. One of the best ways to ensure this happens is by bringing in professional medical staff who will be able to evaluate every person that comes through and make sure that they are fit to continue drinking or even doing drugs. Doctors, nurses, and emergency medical technicians from various disciplines are brought together to bolster the on-site medical teams, provide critical care, and treat injuries ranging from dehydration and extreme exhaustion to broken bones, strokes, and drug overdoses.

St John

St John music festival medical staff in Australia are in high demand across clubs and events all over the country, including Brisbane and Cairns. Patients are transported straight to medical care, and the St John festival medical staff in Australia are trained for any situation.

St John Festival Medical Services (SJFMS) are an event medical services provider in Australia. A division of St John Australia, SJFMS provides qualified, experienced and registered event medical officers and first aid officers to events. Services provided include on-site first aid stations, event medical response, and event medical standby.

Vita First Aid 

As the music festival scene in Australia continues to grow, the sheer number of people taken to hospital from music festivals is skyrocketing. This should not be surprising given the sorry state of many Australian hospitals when faced with a large influx of patients.

Vita First Aid supplies security and medical cover to some of the biggest music events in Australia. They provide paramedics, advanced first aid, and security services at every event. Our professional staff is some of the best and highest-trained in the business, so you can feel safe and legal while having a great night.

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