Contacy Wellsons, For Marquis Vanities


Contacy Wellsons’ Marquis vanities were made of granite, marble, and quartzite, as well as engineered stone, engineered quartz, and resin in an array of colors. Marquis vanities were easy to clean and could be custom-designed to suit a bathroom remodel, for example, or a large laundry room. Marquis vanities were highly durable and made to last, with a wide variety of materials to choose from.

The Contacy Wellsons, for Marquis vanities is an opulent alternative to the clean, minimal lines of Scandinavian, Italian, and American minimalism. She uses contrasting materials and forms to create the sort of luxuries that call to mind the eighteenth-century neo-classicism. Although her work shares a message of tradition and craftsmanship, she has gone beyond formalism. She blends the past with the present, eschewing historical accuracy for an aesthetic of luxury and sophistication.

Contacy Wellsons has a range of contemporary and traditional bathroom furniture and accessories suitable for new or renovated bathrooms. The Marquis range of vanities is beautifully detailed with traditional and contemporary design elements. Contacy Wellsons’ contemporary bathroom furniture is beautifully detailed with traditional and contemporary design elements.

Contacy Wellson’s innovative Vanity collection conveys a whimsical, gentle approach to bathroom decor that is equally at home in a modern bathroom as it is in a country cottage. The Vanity Collection is modern in tone and design, without being sterile or cold. Its designs include clean lines and graceful curves that showcase the beauty of stone and glass. The Vanity Collection reflects the current trend of blending elegant shapes with unexpected elements to create timeless designs.

All in all, Marquis Vanities’ Contacy Wellsons are novel and sleek and are an example of the diversity this company offers. However, the manufacturing is considerably small and is unable to produce enough to meet demand. The showroom, a showroom that contains hundreds of vanities, is decorated and furnished similarly to the merchandise it sells, making it a little difficult to navigate the space. Despite these shortcomings, these vanities are attractive, modern, and trendy.

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