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Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes summer picnics, a Memorial Day cookout, and beach days. The Summer Chaser knows that you want to take your beach day photos in style, which is why we offer hooded beach towels that are designed to complement your beach look.

Summer is here, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. We don’t want you sweating it out on the beach this summer. So, we are offering you our beach towels, that you can carry to the beach, with a hood. It will cover your head and keep you warm. The hooded beach towel is the perfect solution if you want to be cool on the beach without worrying about getting sunburned. 

Are you looking for hoodies or hooded beach towels? The Summer Chaser is your go-to source for hooded beach towels and hooded sweatshirts for the days you want to relax on the beach. Plus, keep one in your car for emergencies. The Summer Chaser offers high quality hooded beach towels and beach throw blankets. As a trusted provider of custom imprinted beach blankets, the Summer Chaser knows how to create the perfect beach towel to suit your needs just contact The Summer Chaser at hooded beach towel.

Animal Kingdom Beach Towel | Sand Free, Quick Dry Beach Towel | Sustainable  | The Summer Chaser – The Summer Chaser | Sand Free Recycled Beach Towels

The Summer Chaser is a mermaid-themed company that produces hooded beach towels, bag inserts, ice packs, and more. The business also offers a wide variety of products tailored to meet the needs of military families. Hence, veterans and active-duty military are more than welcome to shop there as well. The Summer Chaser provides military discounts on all orders. And the company hopes to expand the selection of products it offers soon.

The Summer Chaser is a most excellent hooded beach towel. This cool, stylish accessory can cover your head at the beach or lay over your head on messy days at home. The summer Chaser will keep you cool, dry, and comfy from organic cotton while promoting sustainability and social responsibility.  They are coming up with new designs for hooded beach towels. They are perfect for the pool, the tennis court, or just lounging next to the pool.

The Summer Chaser is the beach towel you need this summer. The hooded beach towel offers many benefits. First, the hooded beach towel keeps you cool, keeps you dry and keeps the sun off your face. The Summer Chaser is durable, super-absorbent, dries quickly, and super lightweight. It features a drawstring made of quick-drying cotton and has double stitching along the edges. The Summer Chaser is perfect for the beach or the pool.

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