Benefits Of Polished Concrete


Written by: SallyMarch

Polished Concrete Floors (Benefits, Applications & Maintenance)

Polished concrete comes with various benefits that make it a desired flooring choice for many people. Here are some of them.

Benefits Of Polished Concrete

1. High Durability

It is resilient and strong, capable of withstanding pressure from heavy equipment and foot traffic. It’s extremely difficult to damage as well as nearly impossible to scratch or chip.

2. Life-Span

A properly maintained, sealed, and installed polished concrete floor usually lasts 100 years or more, even in harsh commercial environments.

3. Easy To Maintain

To maintain it, all you need to do is to broom sweep or dust mop daily. This will prevent dirt accumulation. Also, you should damp mop it once a week to remove scuffs, smudging, and watermarks.

4. Cost-Effective

Polished concrete floors may cost as little as only $2 a square foot, which is a very inexpensive price. Even most installations are cost-effective, especially in case you have the existing concrete slab that is ready for polishing, staining, or application of the decorative overlay or coating.

5. A Lot Of Design Options

You can choose from a variety of texture and colour effects. This may also help you simulate the look of many different pricier materials. Adding stencilled graphics and decorative engraving to the surface can be a good option as well.

6. Slip-Resistant

Although concrete surfaces can be slippery, especially in moist areas or environments, they can be sealed as well. You can use the non-slip epoxy coating for adding texture and preventing falls and injuries.

7. Chemical-Resistant

Even though the non-sealed concrete floor is usually porous, you can seal it with a chemical-resistant epoxy coating for protecting them against corrosion and extreme chemicals like alkalis and acids.

8. Thermal Shock-Resistant

You can apply thermal shock-resistant coatings to concrete flooring. This ensures that cracks, bubbles, disbandment, and delamination don’t occur when the floor is subjected to steam washes or hot water.

Bottom Line

As you can see, innovative polished concrete has more than enough benefits so it’s no wonder it remains a popular option. Therefore, if you are currently considering purchasing it, you have many reasons to.

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