Benefits of ANZ Access Advantage Card


The ANZ Access Advantage card Australia account is your everyday flexible bank account that offers unlimited transactions ranging from ANZ ATM access to the internet to phone banking. Only customers who sign up for this account are provided with ANZ Access Advantage Debit Card. There are many advantages a user can benefit from the ANZ Access Advantage Card; these include:

Account Management

ANZ is one of the biggest banks in Australia with a big bank budget. Perhaps such a budget allows the bank to develop great features, which make account management easy. With the ANZ app on your device, you can conveniently view account balance, make payments, and transfer money quickly. Internet banking also enables you to access online statements, transfer money, and many more services.


ANZ Access Advantage account user will need to pay $5 monthly fee after setting up an account. However, this fee can be waived if the user deposits at least $2,000 into the ANZ account. Here are other circumstances that allow back waive these monthly fees:

  • Full-time student studying at Australian Educational Institutions
  • Customers age below 25 or 60 and above
  • Beneficiaries of mobility allowance from Centrelink or receive disability support pension
  • Clients with ANZ Home Loan, or an ANZ Portfolio Facility, or Residential Investment Loan, and have salary pain into account.
  • If a customer has a total deposit balance amounting to $50,000 in one or more of these ANZ accounts, ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ term deposits, Premier Cash Management, Premier Cheque, Passbook Savings, V2 Plus, Online Saver.


Just like a Visa credit card, you can notice a Visa symbol on a Visa debit card, which means ANZ Access Advantage Debit Card is accepted as Visa and can be used anywhere. Apart from Australia, you can as well use it in other countries across the world to pay bills. It also allows users to access their funds direct from ATMs worldwide any time they need them.


ANZ Access Advantage Debit Card is compatible with the user’s device. This allows you to pay for goods or services via Google Play, Samsung pay, Garmin, Fitbit Pay, and Apple Pay. So, one can comfortably leave the wallet at home and enjoy the ease of paying by simply tapping the device.


ANZ is a big bank that has invested much in banking security. Customers are assured with topnotch security as the Government Deposit Guarantee protects their funds. With the ANZ Access Advantage account, you benefit more from added protection offered by the ANZ Internet Banking Guarantee and the ANZ Fraud Money Bank Guarantee.

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